Waddle, Edward J. "Jerry"

Inducted: 1989

Waddle, Edward J. "Jerry"

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Jerry was district eleven commissioner from 1970 through 1986. During those 16 years, he provided the softball teams of Bowling Green and Warren County with outstanding leadership and guidance and the number of registered teams steadily increased during his tenure. Moreover, Jerry acted as a player and manager since ASA’s inception in Bowling Green in 1964.

From 1970 to 1986, Jerry was one of the best umpires in the Bowling Green area, always giving one hundred percent and hustling to stay on top of the play. Working with the Bowling Green Athletic Association, Jerry became President in 1976. He worked on expanding the softball facilities and could be found at Lampkin Park every weekday from April until August, arriving before the first game at 6:00 p.m. and leaving around 10 p.m. Numerous weekends throughout the summer were also spent sorting through paperwork, resolving game disputes, and attending to all the details of running the leagues. It has been noted that Jerry is a man who has gone beyond the call of duty to promote softball in Bowling Green and district eleven.

This citation bears witness that his name shall forever be in the Kentucky Softball Association Hall of Honor.