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In the Beginning

The original articles of incorporation for the Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame were written in 1983 by then ASA Kentucky State Commissioner, James A. Moore, as an offshoot of the Kentucky Softball Association and the first banquet was held July 7, 1984, in Corbin, Kentucky. Currently, the hall of fame is being run by Raymond Moscoe, John Combs, Sonja Ritchie, Dawn Moscoe, and many more.

Continuing tradition and leaving a legacy behind for the future...

Hall of Fame Inductee Nomination Form


Can I nominate someone for the HOF?

Yes, you may place a recommendation for a nomination through our form. As long as they match the criteria of induction, they will be reviewed and considered by the board.

Can I send some pictures and videos to be added to a HOF profile?

We have given the option for people to send in pictures/videos for inductees. Pending approval, we will upload the content if we see fit. As we only want to put relevant and verified data for each individual.

What are my donations going towards?

Maintenance of the KY Softball Hall of Fame, our new virtual Hall of Fame, ring creation, organizing future events, fundraisers, and tournaments.