Thompson II, Garland

Inducted: 2008

Thompson II, Garland

Wilmore, Kentucky

In recognition of outstanding ability as demonstrated in softball competition, sportsmanship, integrity, character, and contribution to the sport of softball, this citation bears witness that his name shall forever be in the AMATEUR SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION HALL OF FAME.

Served as Kentucky ASA commissioner 20 years before retiring after hosting the 2007 National Council Meeting. Served as Midwest Regional Director for five years and was a member of the Board of Directors from 1994 to 1999. Served as the ASA rep at 15 national championships. Registered more than 2,000 teams for 19 consecutive years. Received ASA membership awards seven times and a special citation from the Kentucky Parks and Recreation Society in 1994. Is a member of the Kentucky ASA Hall of Fame, and is the 39th ASA commissioner elected to the ASA Hall of Fame.