Redmon, Brad

Inducted: 2006

Redmon, Brad

Lexington, Kentucky

Brad Redmon, from Lexington, KY, was a rarity in softball circles from 1983 to 1999 as a gifted 5 tool softball player. He possessed a strong and accurate arm from the outfield, played outstanding defense, his speed allowed him to lead several of his slow-pitch clubs in doubles, he had power when called upon, and his handling of the bat earned him more than 10 team batting average titles including 4 straight with Berardi’s from 1983 to 1986.

Brad won 6 Kentucky State Championships—one in the peak of his career in 1989 with Kentucky’s # 1 “A” powerhouse, Buffalo & Dad’s. That 1989 team, besides winning the ASA “A” State in Owensboro, captured the Thoroughbred, Lake Cumberland Classic, Bluegrass State Games, and every other “A” event they played in around Kentucky that season. They were featured in the premier of the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Weekender section. Redmon’s MVP at the 1989 Thoroughbred was perhaps his ultimate accomplishment.

Mr. Redmon played with several ”upper” Kentucky squads from Berardi’s, Fraley’s, and Buffalo & Dad’s, but he equally enjoyed his time playing on the local level with his church and league teams. He won 9 Lexington city championships, and among his state titles, the Southland Christian and Rosemont Baptist victories were two of the sweetest.

Off the field, Brad Redmon became just as valuable as on. As the majority owner of the Lexington single “A” professional baseball team, he was very instrumental in allowing the Kentucky Hall of Fame and Honor to move from Owensboro to its newest location in front of the Legends home, Applebee’s Park.

His contribution to softball, both as a player and ambassador to the sport will be appreciated for years to come.