Bassett, Hank

Inducted: 1994

Bassett, Hank

Monticello, Kentucky

Let it be known to all that Hank Bassett was inducted into the Kentucky Hall of Fame and Honor as a manager, sponsor, and for his years of service to the Hall on October 8. 1994.

In addition to his twenty years as a sponsor and manager compiling a 73.6% winning percentage. Bassett served on the Hall of Fame and Honor committee from its inception until his resignation in 1993.

Sponsored, co-sponsored, and managed teams for twenty years (from 1972 through 1991) posting an overall record of 1,060 victories and 381 losses for a winning percentage of 73.6.

Teams: Basset's Crushers (1972-1979): Lexington Contractors/Bassett Products (1980); Bassett Products (1981 & 1984); Kentucky Softball (1982); T&K/Bassett Products (1983): Starpath (1984 - 1991).

He won two Kentucky State Championships (1983-T&K/Bassett Products and 1984-Bassett Products); won one Midwest Regional Championship (1984-Bassett Products): won one ASA Major National Championship (1987-Starpath): won one AS Super National Championship (1988-Starpath); won one Smoky Mountain Classic Championship (1988-Starpath): won the Gold Medal in the 1989 Olympic Festival managing the winning West team (which had 7 Starpath players on it); participated in five ASA Major Nationals posting a 26-8 record for a 76.5 winning percentage (1984-1988): participated in fourASA Super Nationals posting a 15-6 record for 71.4 winning percentage (1988-1991): participated in 10 Smoky Mountain Classics finishing in the Top 5 eight consecutive years (1984-1991) while posting a 39-18 record.

Served as an ASA Kentucky District, Regional, and Deputy State Commissioner as well as an ASA Kentucky Player Rep. Served on the Kentucky Softball Association's Hall of Fame & Honor committee from its inception until his resignation in March of 1993. Served as the Chairman of the first Hall of Fame & Honor committee as well as having served as Chairman more than anyone else to date.