Rodgers, Larry

Inducted: 2003

Rodgers, Larry


Mr. Rodgers is mainly responsible for making W.E.T. a household name among softball fanatics around Kentucky.

His W.E.T. teams ranged from ASA Men's 35 & Over, Men's Major, 18 & Under Boys, 15 & Under Boys, Coed, and Women's C to his current Open ladies who have qualified for the Open East Nationals in Auburn, Alabama.

As a sponsor, manager, and coach, his success in Kentucky ran through each division and class he was a part of beginning three and a half decades ago and continuing 35 years later - the present 2003.

Among his ASA W.E.T. triumphs-(8) 35 & Over Kentucky State titles with (2) 2nd's from 1984-1995; Top 10 nationally ranked Major Men's 1998 and 1999: Coed Kentucky State Champs 2001; Women's State Champs 1992, 1999-2002: and several top 10 national finishes including 2nd in Women's D in 1999.

A feat not listed above is Coach Rodgers self-proclaimed most memorable. In 2002, W.E.T. won the Women's ASA C East Nationals and then won the best 3 of 5 East versus West ASA World Series that is the only of its kind in any association. The East versus West began just two Octobers ago in both Men's and Women's Divisions and includes classes A through D.