Burke, Dave

Inducted: 2010

Burke, Dave

Louisville, Kentucky

Dave Burke enjoyed a career in softball that few could match. Upon graduation from high school, Dave signed with the Baltimore Orioles and played six years of professional baseball. On his return to Louisville, he played fast pitch for mighty Sterling Beer teams that dominated Louisville fast pitch.

He then played slow-pitch for some of the most powerful clubs ever out of Louisville including Duffy’s Tavern who finished Runners-Up in the 1959 ASA Nationals; Homer’s Boys; and the great Jiffy Club. In 1972, Dave managed Jiffy’s to the ASA National Championship.

In 1977 and 1978, he was the General Manager and Manager of the Kentucky Bourbons, Louisville’s entry into the American Professional Slow Pitch League.

Since 1982, he has helped the Holy Cross girls’ softball team.

Dave Burke has excelled in every facet of softball in which he has participated. We are proud and privileged to be able to induct Dave Burke into the Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame.

This award bears witness that his name shall forever be in the Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame.