Hardison, Mindy

Inducted: 2022

Hardison, Mindy

Greenville, Kentucky

If you've always thought the #13 was unlucky, maybe Mindy "Noodle" Hardison can change your mind. That is the number that Mindy carries on the back of her softball uniform, and thirteen is the number of years she played for the world-renowned, Low Bob's, women's slow-pitch softball team.

During her 13-year Low Bob's tenure, Mindy locked up pitching duties and was considered the best defensive pitcher to ever play the game. She acquired her defensive skills more with a competitive, determined attitude than raw physical talent, although she had plenty of physical ability as well. Her early days at shortstop and rover helped with her middle infield mentality. "I just really liked catching the ball. I started out playing shortstop and rover so I could cover most of the field. When I started pitching in high school, my goal was to learn how to make people hit it to me...I'm a ball hog."

"Her mindset of never giving up or giving in, and her strength of will made Mindy a leader on the field, and it set the tone for everyone else," according to award-winning coach, Ted Carter of Hitachi and Low Bob's. That tone set a dynasty in motion in the mid-2000s for Low Bob's who during "Noodle's" 13-year career amassed 611 wins and 146 losses for a winning percentage of .807.

Low Bob's won 91 tournament championships (22 National and World titles in USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, GSL, WSL) and while doing so from 2007-2019, Mindy earned 15 All-World, All-American, and MVP awards combined.

Her first such award was earned in 2007 at Dothan, Alabama at the ASA "C" East Nationals where she became 1st team All-American. Mindy's last national notoriety came in 2015 when she was selected for the NSA Upper Women's World All-World team.

Hardison was crowned the best of the best three separate times as MVP in the Nationals, all of course with Low Bob's--2014 WSL "II" World Championship, Panama City, FL; 2010 NSA Super World, Tunica, MS; and 2010 USSSA "B" Great Lakes Nationals, Columbus, OH.

It turns out that the #13 was a blessing for Low Bob's, and the only thing unlucky was that the other opponents had to play against the Muhlenberg County resident, Mindy Hardison.

Other All-World honors include:

-2008 ISA Competitive World Championship, Cookeville, TN


-2012 ISA Competitive, Crossville, TN

-2012 WSL World Championships, Panama City, FL

Other All-American awards:

-2009 ASA "C" East National Championships, Meridian, MS

-2013 ASA Open National Championship, Ridgeland, MS