Voyles, Jim

Inducted: 2003

Voyles, Jim


Mr. Voyles has been associated with the Kentucky ASA for the majority of his life in several different capacities spanning from 1977 to the present. He wore various hats on and off the field in those 25 summers including those as player, coach, umpire, tournament director, complex manager, Deputy District Commissioner, and ASA player representative.

Like many in softball, he began as a player and moved on to coaching. From 1978-1989, his teams won three state titles.

He was also umpiring, while playing, and lasted longer in that role (1977-1999) officiating 30 Kentucky State Championships (27 finals) that included 12 different divisions of both slow and fast pitch. He was promoted to Umpire in Chief for his stellar work behind the plate for 14 of his ASA State Championships and 4 Midwest Regionals.

Jim shifted gears from off the diamond to behind the scenes in 1985 acting as the original complex manager for highly successful four field showcase of Jack C Fisher Park in Owensboro. In Owensboro, in particular at Fisher Park, he has been instrumental in bringing to the Commonwealth a total of 4 National Championships -the first. a Girls' 12 & Under Slow Pitch National in 2001, and most recently the Men's ASA C East (September 2003) and in 2004 the Men's Slow Pitch ASA D East Nationals.

He and his staff received the James Farrell Award of Excellence for conducting two of the best operated National Championships of the 2001 and 2002 softball post seasons.

Being named Player Rep in 2002 and currently a voting member of the ASA National Council, Mr. Voyles will continue to be a welcoming force in Kentucky ASA as well as the nation.