Weber, Robert "Monk"

Inducted: 2010

Weber, Robert "Monk"

Louisville, Kentucky

Monk began playing ball when he was a youngster, but he first started playing organized sports in the Navy. He was the only enlisted man playing on the traveling baseball team based out of the Livermore California Naval Base. He returned home to Louisville after the war and played with some of the fast pitch softball teams in the area.

In the late fifties fast pitch was fading out, and he started playing slow pitch. He played with some of the premier teams in Louisville including Duffy’s Tavern, Homer’s Boys, and Owen’s Boys. In 1961, Monk formed the Electrics Softball Team sponsored by L.G & E. In its first year, they won their way to the National Tournament in Toledo, Ohio. Thus began ten consecutive years of metro, national and world tournament appearances.

-1959 World Runner up (Duffy’s Tavern)

-1961-1970 Won City and Metro Industrial to advance to national championships.

-1964-1986 Won IBM Tournament in Lexington, KY

-1964 Won L.I.T. Tournament with Homer’s Boys

-1966-1971 Won Jeffersonville Tournament

-1967 Industrial World Runners-Up

-1968 Runners-Up L.I.T

-1970 Third in Industrial Nationals

-1972 Won National Championship (Industrial)

-1973 Retired

And, he was a member of the introductory class inducted the first year of the Louisville Hall of Fame. We are proud and privileged to be able to induct Robert “Monk” Weber into the Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame.