Conlan, Rosanne "Jose"

Inducted: 2012

Conlan, Rosanne "Jose"

Louisville, Kentucky

Rosanne “Jose” Conlan learned at an early age that she loved any sport that had to do with a bat and a ball. “The first pitch my mother threw me as a young child had me hooked,” explained Jose and as soon as she could run onto a softball field she did with her step-father. He played for GTE and they were running short one league night, so she was allowed to play to help them out. Jose’s outfield skills and her excellent performance against against “The Boys” opened many girl’s eyes and they were constantly calling Jose to ask for her softball services.

Ironically, Ms. Conlan unknowingly played her first Co-ed game with GTE although technically she was the only female playing. It must have been a sign to come as Rosanne “Jose” Conlan split her Hall of Fame career playing about 20 percent of her states and nationals in the co-ed division and the other 80 percent on the women’s circuit.

That 80 percent in the women’s was truly record breaking as Jose won virtually every Kentucky state tournament offered in the bluegrass, including the Bluegrass State Games, the Louisville Metro, Fillies Classic and 10 Kentucky State Championships.

The 10 Kentucky State titles seemed like a lot until at the end of Jose’s career she had accumulated eight national titles including her most impressive in 2004 the USSSA A World with the Sharks. From 1995 to 2010 the best shortstop in Kentucky won eight National Rings and accumulated a plethora of individual awards.

Her favorite individual award was understandably a weekend in 2007 at Dothan, Alabama when Jose was selected as a first team All-American due in part because of her national championship leading batting average. Her Low Bob’s team not only won the ASA C East that year, but they went on to win the ASA Hooters National Championship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Low Bobs, her ASA and NSA specialists from 2006-2010, were preceded by a USSSA National contender, the Sharks, who won the USSSA A Nationals in 2004. It was then when Rosanne recalled her most memorable moment. “We were in the Loser’s Bracket with 3 outs to go losing 15-0 in the bottom of the 5th when a miracle happened,” recalls Jose. One hour later, the Sharks had survived a scare by Enough Said and one day later they were crowned as the USSSA World Champions.

Conlan who displayed the same temperament, win or lose, was known by her helpful and humble nature as the best shortstop in Kentucky. In her later years, the late 2000’s, Jose moved to the USSSA Mound and there is where she excelled as a USSSA Pitcher and eventual 3 time U-trip national title bearer. Her true love was at shortstop where she played the majority of her career until it was time to move onto the mound.