Sims, Alberta Kohls

Inducted: 1983

Sims, Alberta Kohls

Alexandria, Kentucky

Alberta has attained the greatest recognition and honor softball can award. In 1976 she was the first slow pitch woman to be elected to the National ASA Softball Hall of Fame.

Alberta played most of her softball with Dana Gardens of Cincinnati, but since she was a native of Kentucky and an outstanding player, the Kentucky Hall of Fame committee elected her to the Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame.

Alberta was softball’s version of Pete Rose. She played every game as it if were the World Series. Her coach, Commie Curran’s, said there were some girls who had more natural talent, but she had the hustle and was a great team player.

She played 11 years with Dana Gardens, and her team won three consecutive national slow pitch titles: 1962, 1963 and 1964. She played in five nationals and had a .455 batting average. Her highest average was in 1964 (.553). Alberta was selected to All-American teams four times and selected MVP in 1964.

Her name shall forever be in the Kentucky Softball Hall of Fame.