Dennis, Gina

Inducted: 2014

Dennis, Gina

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Like many greats before her, Gina began playing the sport she so dearly loves at an early age. She was 8 years young when she suited up for her church team, and by 10, she was playing for both youth and women's teams.

In 1986. Gina got a taste of travel ball with Casey's Tillers, and two years in succession they finished in the top three at the Kentucky State level.

Each season Gina got better and better, and her teams were the beneficiary of her improvement. Her good friend, Ladonna West, echoes that sentiment as well, and she passed down a quote told to her by their coach. Bob Moore, who emphasizes Gina's importance even more. "When Gina was on the field, she was such a leader that the entire team looked to her for guidance. When she was up, we were up, and when she was off, so were we." He hated to put that kind of pressure on her. but "that's just the way it was." he said. He added, "There are just players that when they step on the field, they have that presence. She never failed to rise to the occasion."

That presence and rising-to-the-occasion quality paid full dividends for both Gina and her Low Bob's teammates in 2007. Low Bob's traveled to Oklahoma City for the ASA "C" Hooter's National Championship and left OKC with an airplane full of hardware. Among those were a national championship title and the MVP award earned by Miss Gina Dennis. That MVP trumped her previous "most memorable moment" of hitting her first home run as a youngster.

Gina was also an All-American at the ASA East in 2006 and 2007 and was named to the USSSA "B" Great Lakes All-National team.

The 2008 Low Bob's ASA title was just the beginning of a national run that is still going strong to this day. The Low Bob's Women's team has now won national titles in five different associations- ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and the WSL.

The last few championships for Low Bob's came with Gina changing her playing role somewhat to becoming a coach. As it turns out, Coach Gina is just as fierce a competitor as she was a player, and her leadership qualities have been infused into her Low Bob's team.

Her past teams have included Hussey Copper, Low Bob's, Pro Wear, The Nightmares, Edward Jones, and Sexton Freight.